Special Education Integration!

Reaching out to the society to spread and implement our learnings from two decades. A child's school, his/her special ed service provider and others that enable your child must integrate their inputs. We do this exactly! We integrate and empower schools and professionals to enable inclusion in the society. We are always at HLC, the Social Incubator.

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Why Choose Us?

Not only do our students benefit from the integrated services we provide, but their parents too feel more equipped to face the challenges at home.


1996 to 2016

Our team has spent over 2 decades in serving children with special needs and has adopted many of the best practices from around the world and contextualised them for our children.



We we are constantly skilling ourselves by attending seminars, doing research work and sharing our domain expertise widely in order to sharpen our skills.



If your child needs special education services, chances are you need us. Your child's school, his/her special ed service provider and others that enable your child must integrate their inputs. We do this exactly.!

How Elina Integration Works

Elina uses a network of specialists to assist with the inclusion of children with additional needs. This may include children with diagnosed disabilities, challenging behaviour or social and emotional difficulties. We liaise with therapists as well as other allied professionals. We support families and educators with advice about their children’s development. We are a growing network of professionals in the field of inclusion & disability which includes Occupation Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Art therapists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Teachers,Schools & Special Educators.

Reason 1

Addressing developmental needs of a child with special needs. Parents/Child need a trusted advisor who can guide thru myriad of service providers and services being suggested for the developmental needs of the child.

Reason 2

Addressing needs of a school that wants to provide inclusive education. Schools need reliable and experienced organization that can guide through their inclusion journey based on evidence based methodologies.

Reason 3

Working with Govt / NGOs that are interested in bringing about societal change. Govt/NGOs look for innovative and research oriented programs that can be put into pilot to observe and analyze the impact of various methodologies


Step 1

Being a referral point to a variety of professional services a child with needs may require.

Step 2

Enabling communication among the various professionals who work with the child

Step 3

Working with schools to enable inclusive practices

'Inclusion is not a program. And inclusion is not something that we do for people with disabilities. Rather, inclusion is a mindset, an attitude, a way of thinking that opens doors to opportunities for meaningful engagement, contribution and belonging.' -Lisa Friedman


Capacity Building

Capacity building is a critical component for successful implementation of inclusive environment. An expanded perspective of school capacity building, relates to building community capacity. Elina conducts training sessions and workshops for the school community that comprises the school’s stakeholders.

  • increased blood flow
  • growth of new neurons.
  • nourishment to the brain

What are we doing and how are we integrating special education services?

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